Isle of samsoe is all about making noise – the right noise, that is.
We are going to make an event that will put all eyes at Samso with a broad perspective centered around the the race against time we are all facing.
Being a motorcycle road racer – man and machine against the clock.
Being an unique island, abundant in resources, self sustaining in energy and food.
Racing to the future with new inhabitants and visitors.
Being a frontrunner in quality food – best potatoes . . . in the world!

We are going to mix it up – stirred not shaken – and make the best motorcycle road racing event on central European turf.
And what a beautiful turf it is!

Petrol for the brain

Some say “petrol head”, we say petrol for the brain, to aid diverse thinking.
The accommodation food and coffee,  is always excellent, and of cause the weather is guaranteed!
Well, at least Samso has got the most hours of sun in all of Denmark.

If want to see for yourself, look here.

Who, where and when

Isle of Samsoe Aps (VAT# 39481022)
– a registered limited Danish Company – will arrange and execute the race, including surrounding events, together with Aarhus Motorsport Klub, under the regulations of the official Danish Motor Union (DMU)

Samsoe, Denmark :
55°48’52.8″N 10°36’12.6″E

Week 37, september 2019.
Practicedays:  Monday-wednesday.
Race:                   Thursday-Saturday.




The course

Creating a race course is not an easy task.
Is has to be flowing and interesting for riders and spectators, and at the same time, it must fit the local surroundings and be as secure as possible.

Here we present you the course of Samsoe, enjoy.


Contact us for more information:

Gorm: General management and sponsorship : gr@isleofsamsoe.dk
Pernille: Design, marketing and communication : pj@isleofsamsoe.dk
Claus: Sportsarrangement : ca@isleofsamsoe.dk
Mike: International Press officer : mb@isleofsamsoe.dk